Whitby was recently voted the number one UK holiday destination for the second year running. The old world charms, fantastic scenery, the festivals, The Regatta and the local history are just a few of the many attractions for any visitor to Whitby. The list below contains just a few of the many things that you may find interesting during a visit to Whitby.

There are numerous festivals held in Whitby each year including : The Whitby Folk Festival, The Whitby Wartime Festival, The Goth Weekends, The 3 day Regatta and The 60’s Music Weekend. There really is so much to do in Whitby for people of all ages. Information including dates of the Whitby festivals can be found on The Real Whitby website by clicking here. Please use your browsers back button to return to our site.

Whitby’s History.

Whitby is steeped in History. From Captain Cook to Charles Dickens they all came to the town in years gone by. Other famous historical events and people associated with the town include : The Synod of Whitby, Caedmon the first English poet, The Scoresby family who sailed to the artic circle in search of whales and Queen Victoria who wore Whitby Jet Jewellery. Whitby is also the setting for Brahms Stokers Dracula and has been home to many film making crews over the years. The Abbey and St Mary’s Church on the east cliff are also on the must visit list for anyone interested in the historical side of Whitby.

Scenic Villages

Within 30 minutes drive of Whitby are the scenic country villages. The most beautiful of which have to be the coastal villages of Staithes, Runswick, Port Mulgrave and Robin Hoods Bay where the stunning Yorkshire moor land crashes into the sea. Of all the villages Robin Hoods Bay has perhaps become the most popular with tourists. This stunning village is the setting for many of the stories from the 20th century author Leo Walmsley who wrote many books about the area including Anglers Moon, Turn Of The Tide and Phantom Lobster. The village of Staithes to the north of Whitby has remained less commercialised and paints a much truer picture of life in a northern fishing village. The harbour is home to a fleet of working fishing cobles which turn out daily to bring fish to the local shops and processors. Staithes was also home to the explorer captain James Cook prior to his well publicised voyages around the globe.

Heartbeat Country – Goathland

The village of Goathland some 10 miles south of Whitby has become more famously known as Aidensfield in the Yorkshire television production of Heartbeat. Fans of the series will not be disappointed with a visit to the village of Goathland as many of the fictional landmarks from the series are easily recognisable including : the stores, Garage / funeral directors, the public house (aidensfield arms) and of course the railway station.

Much Much More !!!!

Obviosuly a single page on a website can not to justice to the countries number 1 seaside holiday destination. Only a visit to the town can uncover the real Whitby. For those of you who want to learn a bit more about our wonderful town, below is a list of local websites which will provide you with much more information on Whitby.